Giving Presentations

The key to giving good presentations is by being confident. You may feel nervous about talking in front of a lot of people but you must strive to eliminate this feeling because it would be most likely to cause a poor performance. A presentation that reeks of uncertainty and lack of practice will definitely be a mess.

In giving presentations, preparation is very important. Consider who your audience will be when preparing your presentation, and what effect it is going to have on them. Take note of your limitations such as how long the presentation should take, is there a format you need to follow, and where the venue will be. It would be good if you could decorate the venue a bit to enhance your presentation. It depends, however, if this is applicable or not.

Keep your presentation complete but concise. Do not waste time on unnecessary words that would simply make your presentation boring and redundant. When composing a draft of your presentation, make sure that you will be able to convey your point to the audience in a clear and understandable manner. Review the presentation you have made to check it the message you want to get across is met. Refrain from making a very long presentation. It must also be interesting and relevant for it to have a lasting effect on the people listening to it.

Practice giving your talk with a friend so that you would be comfortable and you could get useful inputs from your friend. Talk as if the rehearsal is the actual presentation and you are in front of your audience. Use your props and visuals as if you really are doing the presentation. This will boost your confidence and will give you a better chance at giving an excellent presentation.

Introduce yourself at the start of your presentation and check if they can see and hear you clearly. You may give the audience an outline of your talk and allow them an allotted time to ask their questions. You could also use visuals such as PowerPoint slides, charts, graphs, slides, video clips or hand outs to make your presentation more interesting.

Make eye contact with your audience and maintain the proper posture so that you will exude an air of confidence. This will also help keep your audience interested and responsive. Avoid unnecessary movements with your hands or across the stage (or the place where you are giving the presentation) for this will communicate to the audience that you are nervous and unsure. Speak loud enough so that everyone can hear but keep your voice calm by speaking slowly and clearly.

At the end of the presentation, give a brief summary of what you have discussed and then make your conclusion based on the facts you have presented. Questions are best raised at this point or a discussion could be done to give the audience a chance to interact with the presenter and clarify points about the topic.

Proper research, adequate preparation, and confidence are important factors in giving a presentation. Complete these prerequisites and you will be sure to give a presentation that will capture your audience.

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