Be Present Now – Have a Dog Day

What can you learn from a dog about consciousness?  

Well, yesterday I learned to see things through a dog’s eye view and to remember there is nothing more wonderful than being in the moment. 

Kicked Back With The Pack

The three of us sat, lay and rolled in the grass partially shaded by a Juniper tree. Our neighbor Maddie, a lovely 8 month old Golden Retriever, was laying against my left hip and Eddie, a new member of our family, adopted less than 24 hours earlier, was on my right. My two pack members were close enough to each other to play, giving lazy bites and tugs at each other across my body. I entered their world and the three of us doggies just hung out and chilled or you might say relaxed together in a calm easy way. 

Staying in contact both physically and energetically, we savored every slow moment. I observed my two pack mates in a very focused way, appreciating their mouths and manes and muscles and their way of being – as though seeing them for the first time. I matched their rhythm and took their lesson, seeking nothing more than to be present. 

Doggone Peaceful

We sat and lay almost still for nearly two hours while dappled sun warmed our bodies and singing birds entertained us. It was doggone delicious, and…the calm and presence is still with me. Everyone I have coached or talked with today has benefited from that presence, and I am at peace and content. 

It is easy to intellectually appreciate the power of now. It is quite different to experience it. We quickly get caught in the rhythm of doing-ness or busi-ness and we forget – There’s only one thing that is real, and that is this moment. 

Have A Dog Day

Here’s a thought for a change: Give yourself a dog day – an opportunity to enter the present through a different door. Spend some time with a dog, a cat or an infant. they have no agenda other than to be. Let go of the past and the future and simply be. 

And my final word….Woof.  

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